The ThunderPack Revision-1, Generation-2 (R1G2), was the first model of enhanced rocketbelt design produced by Thunderbolt Aerosystems between 1997 and 2002.  This model was an earlier dual-fuel design that utilized specially promoted hydrogen peroxide (PERTOL) and had the capability to burn two fuels; the oxidizer (hydrogen peroxide) and a hydrocarbon fuel, like kerosene, diesel or methanol.  The TP-R1G2 was the flagship of the dual-fuel design, which led to the design of the current model TP-R2G2.

We include the TP-R1G2 specification here, for historical purposes only, since this model and its manufacturing rights have been sold to a multinational company outside the United States to be used for emergency and earthquake rescue operations.

Takeoff weight, lbs 293
Empty (dry) weight, lbs 58
Pilot + Payload, lbs
Total Fuel, lbs 75
Range, feet 890
Speed, mph 75+
Endurance, seconds 30
Type of Fuel 80 – 92% H²O²
Propellant Isp, lb/lb/sec 133
Total Thrust, lbs-force 335
C-Star Efficiency > 95%
Exit Pressure, psig 350
Engine Life, seconds 10,800
Mean Time To Repair, hrs 2.5
Flights Before Maintenance 300
Price, US Dollars (original) $125,000
Availability NOT FOR SALE