It is one of Thunderbolt Aerosystems‘ main directives to make Personal Flying Devices and Support Systems available to the masses at affordable price points and using commonly available fuels.  This will enable their unrestricted use by metropolitan firemen, forest fire control forces, coast guard, red cross, border patrol, high-risk rescues for any natural disaster and ‘extreme’ transportation or entertainment requirements.”

“The ThunderMan can boldly go where no helicopter has gone before”, right into a forest fire heart.

The standard or first version of the ThunderPack has gone through a metamorphosis in the past years, where it will be able to carry two passengers (pilot + passenger).  This transformation developed into ThunderBolt Aerosystem's PogoStand’.

Early artist renditions of ThunderBolt’s standing, “walk-in” platform for one and two-passenger Pogo service.

The PogoStand is an out-of-your-back design where the pilot and/or passenger/disaster victim literally walk onto a stand-alone flying platform and become airborne with no more preparation than a simple turn of a pressurant valve.

This “walkup and fly” approach permits rescue operations to be carried out swiftly and unconstrained, allowing rescue forces to optimize time and minimize risks.  Currently ThunderBolt Aerosystems, Inc. is working in conjunction with several fire fighting departments in California in order to come up with the right set of features for a “first aid” pogo-like platform that will allow a rescuer/pilot to carry an unconscious victim to safety.

Gordon Yeager pilots the “Two Man” pogo from Bell Aerosystems in the ‘60s.
The ThunderPack.  A Media Promotion Tool
Marketing and promotion experts are constantly tasked with finding a way to get attention.  This job has continually gotten more difficult as more companies compete for attention of customers, partners, press and other audiences –the same old gags don’t work anymore and response is hard to measure.  You will be undoubtedly the topic of discussion after a rocket-powered human helps carry your message through the air- The ThunderMan
In the quest for attention, you can be one of the few that breaks the noise barrier in the quest – literally.  The ThunderMan can help you:
  • Draw more people to an event – Using advance announcements, mailings, advertising and media coverage on your special quest, make your event a must-see.  We can provide interviews to the media or b-roll video for you to send to the media with your announcement, or to include in an advertisement.

  • Make an event even more memorable to attendees – Of the hundred of events people attend in their lifetime, The ThunderMan will make yours possibly the most memorable

  • Extend visibility well outside your event – Generate coverage on TV, newspapers and magazines before, during and after your event to get attention of people across the country and the world.

Not Just For Events
You don’t need to hold an event to get the powerful impact of The ThunderMan.  He can carry your logo or message around targeted locations –populated areas, tradeshows, sporting events….


  • Media Press Release
    Sometimes companies issue press and/or television media releases as a way to take a lead advantage over competitors or to properly secure the credit of a certain accomplishment. The ThunderMan can be on site for advance photo sessions with a selected VIP audience. Media photos of the sponsor or product/service with ThunderMan can be taken for ancillary media release.

  • Either Live TV, Talk Shows or the Movies…
    Over the past 40 years, the printed and audio-visual media has been drawn to events where a rocket powered man has performed. Most shows; whether news, variety or entertainment will look with interest at the opportunity to demonstrate, talk or interview the ThunderMan. The chance for free “plugs” of your company in association with ThunderMan could give you national exposure.

    Sean Connery as James Bond in Thunderball

  • Company or Event Identity
    The ThunderMan can easily be customized in color schemes and attire to encompass any sports mascot or fictitious character (good or evil) to enhance a venue like a sports match, musical concert of any type or special open-air event.

  • The Power of Sponsorship
    The ThunderBolt Aerosystems outfit, down to every crewmember and required infrastructure for the flight can be personalized with the sponsor’s identity or its products and services in a seamless way.  The audience will have no trouble associating ThunderMan with your interests. ThunderMan can fly outdoors or indoors at Trade Shows, Motor Racing events, Air Shows, 4th of July, New Year’s Parties, Rock Concerts.

  • Photos, Autographs and Premiums
    Take photos with ThunderMan and his ThunderPack, give away his photo-cards for further contacts solicitation or just use it to reach out to the masses that will -without any doubt- want to know more about it and your cause.  Use it to offer training opportunities for contest winners in the form of spending a weekend at ThunderBolt Camp-Zero and learn to fly the Thunderbolt TetherTrainer®.